Journal 4

This week I’ve made GIANT CHANGES. I re-recorded my audio to fit a more desired “crude” sound. I also scrapped the 3d I was doing because it really didn’t fit the sound of the video. I’ve been working on this new version of the project and have made significant headway in the past week. Below is a video showing what I currently have. I know it might seem insane to completely change the art style this late in the project but I’m more determined than ever and every day I’m going to do a significant portion of the video until it’s done.

I drew this really detailed rabbit but I might not use it. I’ll figure it out…



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Intelligencerpost Intro Video

Created this video in an effort to introduce the new News Website to be launched soon.

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Internship Update 2


Created this photo for social media.

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First Production Check In/Journal 3

Below is my schedule as well as several objects that I have modeled and textured which will appear in my scene. In the following links there are more updates as to what I’ve done so far.




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Internship Update 1

Workout Video

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Journal 2



I’m currently in the process of tightening up my storyboards, and I wanted to make more interesting transitions between my shots. In an effort to do this I started watching the Adult Swim show “Superjail!”. Almost every shot is connected by some sort of creative transition. One convention that they often use is that an object in a scene will creatively transform into an object relating to the next scene, the camera will focus on that object transforming, and when the transformation is over and the camera backs out we are in the next scene. One example of this was a scene in which the warden was in the office talking about cutting funding for the garden. The camera focused on a plant in the office which turned into a satellite and beamed what the warden was saying to the plants in the garden, which proceeded to become afraid and get mowed over by a lawnmower. This can be seen below.

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Journal 1

This week I have made what I consider to be significant progress on my upcoming animation with the working title “Clayton’s Story”.

First, I completed an animatic for the piece and essentially finished preproduction for the piece. Below is my animatic. I’m still not happy with a lot of the shots and I’m still playing with it. As you read this I’m fleshing out the ending portion.


In addition to this, I modeled a shark that will be part of my animation. It’s not done but it’s getting there.



I also 2d hand animated a key shot. I might revisit this later because I’m not 100% happy with it yet, but it’s coming along. I think I need to add more scribbles. Also the voice for this is going to sound completely different. It’ll be much more effective in context and with the proper audio supporting it. I also plan on adding film grain in post.


I also rendered out a test for one of my shots, mainly to make sure I had a grasp on how to render things and because I wanted to see what it would look like. (This is super early and rough and will be substantially different)



I did a test render of a short scene in an effort to play with materials and see if I could achieve a particular aesthetic. It’s not one of my shots for the piece, but just something I wanted to do for practice. It looks pretty nice but I’m getting some weird grainy-ness on the hand. Maybe this has something to do with the sub-surface scattering. Currently figuring out why.


This week I also learned how to simulate and model liquids and use skydome lights. This will be important for a couple of my shots. But it takes like 40 years to render so I don’t even know, man. It might take too long to render. This isn’t even the quality I want and it still took forever. Also, I realize it looks like ice, I didn’t create much turbulence intentionally. But I know how.



I also learned how to make video glitch art, which I am considering including in the ending portion of my animation. Below is a test of this process where I glitched a “music video” that I made a few weeks ago.


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