Interactive Media SET Student Showcase Gallery Writeup

On December 8th I participated in and attended a showcase of student work from Alfred State College. It was a moderately large even with a few hundred people in attendance. At this event, Engineering students showed off posters demonstrating their understanding of thermodynamics, and Digital Media and Animation students created interactive works that took inspiration from the knowledge shown to them by the engineers.


One of the more notable pieces at the event was this piece by Danielle Roberts, Caden Prince, Colin Miller and Jenna Hooper. The piece utilized a holodeck to create it’s interesting effects. There were two parts to this piece that made it work. It featured a panel at the top that suspended a television which was facing downwards. On the bottom half of the piece was a hollow space, which they filled with models of world monuments, with a pane of glass covering it. When images were played on the television they would then reflect on the glass below and be superimposed over the models that they presented. The piece featured several buttons, each one triggering a different animation. This piece’s intent was to represent heating and cooling systems. One of the more notable animations was one in which a shining white line, shaped similar to a sine wave superimposes itself over the city. Creator of this animation, Danielle Roberts, says that this animation was meant to represent a membrane heat pump. The piece overall was visually interesting, and one of the more artful pieces of the showcase.


Another notable piece that was presented at the showcase was one by Kelly Healy, Trent Reeves, and Matt Delorme. The piece was inspired by Plinko and was meant to represent a CPU cooling system. The piece required the user to press buttons on a mouse that would control the direction of a series of rotating “fans”. Upon initiating the game, a ball would drop from the uppermost portion of the screen, and the player would have to try and make the ball land in the center pitfall and the bottom, which was worth the most points. The piece was cleanly designed, and featured cool colors, and it was very fun and engaging. Also, simply for attempting the game, the player would win gummy bears. This system of reward was a smart way of getting people to return and keep playing the game. This piece accomplished exactly what it needed to and the group members clearly evaluated the size that this piece needed to be. It wasn’t too big, nor was it too little and overall was a really strong piece.


About JamesWrobel

I'm a junior at Alfred State College majoring in Digital Media and Animation. I specialize in digital art and photography rather than drawing and painting. It's a work in progress and I'm working hard to achieve my dreams.
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