September 17 Beta Test Game Notes

Upon playing my game, my peers gave me a few suggestions as to how I could make my game stronger, more fun, easier to play and more interesting.

I was told that adding audio effects as well as a soundtrack would enhance the user experience and make the game more interesting and less monotonous. Adding in audio effects for when the user completes simple actions such as running and jumping would help the user interact with the game and provide a higher level of user satisfaction and “reward” for playing it.  I was also told that adding more visual assets to the game would give the game more variety and make it less boring to play for a long time. Finally, my game testers told me that I could greatly benefit from having textures on my objects to give the game more “color”. Also, I needed to fix the issue of my scripts not working properly and taking users to the wrong screens.

I intend on incorporating this feedback into the final version of my game to improve it and make it more user-friendly and visually pleasing.


About JamesWrobel

I'm a junior at Alfred State College majoring in Digital Media and Animation. I specialize in digital art and photography rather than drawing and painting. It's a work in progress and I'm working hard to achieve my dreams.
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