Interaction Review 1

One game that I could play forever is Dragonball Xenoverse. This is a quality game because of the reward system as well as the customization options and the way in which the fighting is set up. The character interacts with the game by creating a character and then using this created character to fight in missions that cover the history of Dragonball Z. When the player accomplishes a “simple” mission he is rewarded with the ability to buy assorted accessories for his character and unlocking certain moves for his created character to use. The player has to play several of these “simple” missions before unlocking more “complex” missions. When the player is finished with a complex mission they are rewarded by unlocking a new character to use in a different game mode in which players can battle as any Dragonball Z character they want (providing they are unlocked). During the course of the game you are only allowed to create one custom character, the ultimate reward at the end of the game is that the player can create several more custom characters which is a huge deal. When fighting, the player is rewarded when they press a button to attack with a extremely dramatic animation, a sound effect by the character and sometimes this is  followed by dialogue between the characters fighting. This is very rewarding.

One game that frustrates me is Rock of the Dead. I actually purchased this game fully knowing that it would be awful and actually looked forward to how bad the game would be (which was worth all 99 of the cents that I paid to play this gem). This game attempted to leech off of the success of guitar hero but included a darker twist, but I feel as though key things were overlooked when the game was created. The game essentially required the player to press the on-screen button to play the “note” which would kill zombies and keep you alive. The biggest problem with this game was that aside from getting killed, there was literally no system of punishment. I made it just as far in the game by senselessly button-mashing as fast as I could as I did when I was actually trying. The game would have been better if there was a punishment for pressing the wrong button. This would make the game much more challenging. Also, when you pressed the correct “note” the character in the game (voiced by Neil Patrick Harris) would recite one of the same 5-7 phrases. It almost made pushing the correct button feel more like a punishment than a reward. This made the experience frustrating as I couldn’t play the game for longer than only a few minutes at a time before I found myself wanting to go deaf. You know it’s bad when you want to mute the audio of a game that relies heavily on music. Also, every level was essentially the same. The game had no variety, was monotonous, and overall was not fun.


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I'm a junior at Alfred State College majoring in Digital Media and Animation. I specialize in digital art and photography rather than drawing and painting. It's a work in progress and I'm working hard to achieve my dreams.
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