Interactive Design Gallery Writeup: Clyfford Still

On March 21st I went to the Albright Knox art gallery and while I was there I got the opportunity to view a collection of 33 paintings by the artist Clyfford Still. All of the work was Oil on Canvas and most of it was created around the years 1950-60. Most of his work is very abstract and is left for the audience to completely interpret it. All of the pieces are untitled. I think that this emphasizes the fact that the artist doesn’t want to imply anything about the piece and wants every person who views it to see it in a unique way.

This piece that I observed was from October of the year 1950. The forms in the piece are generally organic but also have geometric elements fundamentally implemented in theIMG_1734 shapes as well. The piece features about 5 different colors, royal blue, mustard yellow, tan, bright red and dark red. The piece reminds me of several landmasses. Each color could perhaps represent a country or some sort of boundaries between entities. Primarily, the piece is dominated by two of the colors, tan and dark red. The piece is asymmetrical and  very imbalanced. The colors have a stark contrast to the tan background and come through in a very strong way. Each color is very distinct and carries a different emotion. The negative space in the tan

Another piece that I thought was reaIMG_1728lly interesting was the piece that Still completed in April of 1962. The piece is composed mostly of 2 dominant colors, tan and a rich orange color.The forms in the piece are very geometric and have rich jagged edges. The large orange form in the center of the piece could be interpreted as fire , and the forms near the top of the piece could be interpreted as leaves falling from the trees in Autumn. This piece is composed with a lot of negative space that surrounds the three distinct forms in the piece. It has a very warm color palette and insights feelings of comfort and warmth. The meaning of the piece is completely subjective and the interpretation of it will vary from person to person on a very distinct level.


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I'm a junior at Alfred State College majoring in Digital Media and Animation. I specialize in digital art and photography rather than drawing and painting. It's a work in progress and I'm working hard to achieve my dreams.
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