Flipbook Animation – Violence.


                     I was assigned the task of creating a short, 60 frame animation that depicted the Alfred State motto, “Hit the Ground Running!”  I used a play on words and showed a character that I have previously created striking a creature that reads the word “ground”.  This implies a visual metaphor and gets the message across.

                    I attempted to create a unique art style that incorporated both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional elements.  The clothing on the figure is Completely flat and is composed entirely of outlines.  The actual body parts of the figure have no outlines whatsoever and are shaded to look 3 dimensional and somewhat realistic.  This gives them a stronger sense of form and depth and makes true m much more believable.  This contrasts with the flat, 2-d shape of the clothing and creates a visual conflict for the viewer and confuses them as to the realism of the character.

                       The piece is composed of mostly organic lines, though the “ground” creature is composed entirely of geometric lines.  This separates the creature from the rest of the art and makes the piece have more contrast.  The piece is open composition because the woman’s foot is touching the outside of the piece and it causes the viewer to think beyond what they actually see in the piece and it causes them to use their imagination.

              This piece has helped me grow as an artist in the way that I am now starting to see how animation works, and how to achieve what kind of motion that I want to achieve in my work.  This will help me as I move onto 3-d animation and help me develop a sense of how things in the real world move.  This will be crucial as to my success as an animator and will further help to determine the future of my career.


About JamesWrobel

I'm a junior at Alfred State College majoring in Digital Media and Animation. I specialize in digital art and photography rather than drawing and painting. It's a work in progress and I'm working hard to achieve my dreams.
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