Two symbolic posters, each demonstrating different elements of design, but conveying the same message.

Visual communication, 2-d, photoshop, 1200×1000 pixels

Create a symbolic design that expresses who you are. Show a geometric and organic representation of the design, one in an open composition the other in a closed composition.

This art I created was inspired by David Lance Goines. Much of goines work is very balanced and symmetrical, much like the pieces I created. The piece on the left is both organic and geometric, for it used both jagged and smooth lines. It is also closed composition. This is because no pieces of the artwork are touching the edge of the frame. The piece on the right is strictly geometric, for it only makes use of sharp jagged edges and no smooth lines. The piece is open composition because pieces of the work touch the edge of the page and jump off of the frame. Both pieces have high levels of contrast and have good dynamic.

The hearts in the middle of the piece represent everyone that is close to me, such as my friends and family. I chose the words above water because I’m all about staying positive and “keeping my head above water”.


About JamesWrobel

I'm a junior at Alfred State College majoring in Digital Media and Animation. I specialize in digital art and photography rather than drawing and painting. It's a work in progress and I'm working hard to achieve my dreams.
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