Senior Thesis Final Presentation/Journal 10

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Journal 9


I as well as my classmates were underwhelmed by what I had presented for my thesis. I was told my original iteration of the story from the beginning was better and had more interesting shots, had more interesting audio and was just all around a better piece. To combat this, I’m redoing my audio so that it sounds more exciting like it was before. I’m also biting the bullet and finishing and rendering the really interesting shots that I had previously scrapped. These include a fetus flying through the Oval office and into a dumpster, flying sharks, an island in a coffee cup and a cigarette box/t shirt/question mark transition that was originally very interesting. Below is a video that has a version of the audio that isn’t perfect or final but is a step forward, and it also includes half of a scene that I’m reintroducing into the piece.



Below is my WIP for the oval office which I think is coming along quite nicely

oval office.jpeg

Everybody wanted this shot back, so I finished it and rendered it.

The below shot will help make it more refreshing as well

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Journal 8/Post Production

My project is really close to done but I have a couple things to add and some changes to make. Below is a list of my notes:

  • change the title
  • replace my name title card with “based on a true story
  • re-render the first shot and make the picnic tables look better and remove that weird camera movement towards the beginning
  • make the shark look like it isn’t from ps1
  • re-render the shot with the earth and make the stars more evenly spaced out (no pun intended) and remove the weird camera movement at the end
  • slow down camera movement on guillotine shot
  • Add music
  • Figure out how to end it. It’s really close but I don’t know if I want to just leave it at “do you want to see where they load the bullets” I might have that and then cut to my name and thank you’s but I feel like that would be anti-climactic.
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Journal 7

It’s almost done!!! I just need to do the audio and add in like 3 shots. Depending on how much extra time I have I might add in more shots too. But it’s really close to being a completed story

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Internship Update 2

I’ve been pretty busy.













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Journal 6

This week I started rendering out shots and putting them in the video. The audio in the video right now is scratch audio and I plan on re-recording it. There are some scenes in this that are filler, but I’m replacing them as you read this paragraph. I sorta want to redo the park shot because I think it’s underwhelming and empty. I’m pretty happy with how a lot of it looks. It’s coming together. I’ve got several scenes rendering on several computers right now and every day it seems like I add several shots. I think by Wednesday it’ll be near done.

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Journal 5

This week I started to finalize my 3d scenes and I decided that my final animation will have 3d, live action and 2d animation. It’ll all finally come together this week

I did this render of one of my shots and it took literally three days…I’m trying to figure out why.

I also modeled/started rendering a scene with bunnies but it’s super grainy and I’m not sure whybunny.0001.jpeg

I also updated the first part of the video and added some clips


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